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Gotan Project: the passion of Tango in Rome

Our Blogger: Marcelo


Unique, intense and elegant. Gotan project shows Tango with a new
face. Creating a magic atmosphere during their concerts. Making you
fall in love with tango based on a mix of tradition and electronic

Millions of copies sold around the world. More than 250 thousand only
in Italy. Success is only natural. From their first ‘’Revancha del
Tango’’ (Tango revenge) in 2001 there was a shock in the chill-out
global scene. They had something new, authentic and powerful to give.

music_phases8This French band mix European and Argentinian members offers the
right taste of the tango secret and enchanting  formula. They represent next step in the evolution of Tango, continuing the experiments of Astor Piazzola but in a open and completely new direction.

Prepare your self to enjoy next springtime in Rome of their sounds full
of passion and beauty.

TUESDAY, May 25, 2010
Via Oceano Atlantico, 271 D
Concert starts time: at 21:00
Ticket price: € 30.00 + advance sale charges

How to get there:
From our locations Hotel Des Artistes Rome and Yes Hotel Rome. Line B
of the underground until the stop Eur Fermi, from there connexion with
bus 709 for five stops and get off at stop Colombo/Atlanta. A half an
hour total trip. You can check also and

Christmas at the Auditorium!

Our blogger: Wanda


The Auditorium Parco della Musica will be also an active protagonist of this Christmas 2009. To depart next Saturday and up to the day of the Epiphany, games, shows, concerts, gastronomy, open markets and shows they will be protagonists of the Christmas Auditorium 2009.

There is it is also for the children of it with the marionettes of the “Betrayals and fidelity” of Mimmo Cuticchio, but also the nativity, the manger and the puppets of the festival “Her Hands.”

There will be some Christmas songs, a Gospel Festival, ice skating and the market of the Caravanserai.

The schedule is the following:


From Monday to Thursday the opening time is from 14 to  21:00.v from 2 pm to 24, the Saturday from the hours 10 to 02 and the Sunday from the hours 10 to 24.

On December 24 from the hours 10 to 18; from December 21st 2009 to January 6 2010: every day from the hours 09 to 24. Saturday from the hours 09 to 02; 31 December from 09 to 01

Besides, during December the best choral formations of gospel and spiritual of the United States will bring their powerful spirituality to add a different touch to the Christmas in Rome.


Domenica  20/12/2009  Sala Sinopoli ore 21
Harlem Gospel Choir
Lunedì  21/12/2009  Sala Sinopoli ore 21
Lemmie Battles & Virginia Mass Choir
Martedì  22/12/2009  Sala Sinopoli ore 21
Craig Adams & The Voices of New Orleans
Mercoledì  23/12/2009  Sala Sinopoli ore 21
The Anointed Pace Sister
Venerdì  25/12/2009  Sala Sinopoli ore 18
Voices of Deliverance
Sabato  26/12/2009  Sala Sinopoli ore 21
J.J. Hairston & Youthful Praise
Domenica  27/12/2009  Sala Sinopoli ore 21
Cedric Ford & Heart of Worship
Lunedì  28/12/2009  Sala Sinopoli ore 21
Nicole Slack Jones & The Soul Sisters
Martedì  29/12/2009  Sala Sinopoli ore 21
Oscar Williams & Perfected Praise
Mercoledì  30/12/2009  Sala Sinopoli ore 21
Robin Brown and Triumphant Delegation
Giovedì  31/12/2009  Sala Santa Cecilia ore 22
Rev. Jessy Dixon & The Chicago Gosple Singers
Con brindisi di mezzanotte

The Caravanserai Market
Exhibition of jewels and accessories , sculptures, clothing for woman, man and children, glasses and objects of furnishings, pictures and carpets, toys and different desserts.

Why are you wating for? Make a reservation at Yes Hotel or Hotel Des Artistes and have the best Christmas of your life!

100 Nativity scenes in Rome

Our Blogger: Wanda

100presepi2From half of November, the road is all in descent toward one of the most important festivities: Christmas, and one of the most Italian traditions during this season is that of the Nativity scenes.

If you take a walk for the historical center remember that on Piazza del Popolo you will find a very interesting exhibition of 100 scenes of nativity.

Every year Rome celebrates Christmas with this national exhibition, that this year will take place from November 23 rd 2009 to January 6 th 2010 on the Bramante Room. it has on display Nativity scenes coming from most Italian regions and from various foreign Countries of Europe, of Africa, of Latin America and of Asia: works of artists and Italian artisans and foreigners, that belong to museums and private or corporative collections, or to cultural associations.


Within the Show is also realized this year the Workshop “Playing with the Nativity scene” .The entrance ticket to the exhibition gives you the right to participate in the Laboratory (previous booking); children from 4 to 11 years can build characters of the Nativity scene,  under the supervision of specialized staff. Every child will be allowed to keep his creations.

Sala del Bramante – via G. D’Annunzio (Piazza del Popolo)
Ingresso: tutti i giorni dalle 9:30 alle 20:00
Per informazioni: 06-85357191/06-8542355        

Tickets:                                                                                                   Weekdays: full € 4,50, discounted € 3,50
Holydays and pre-holidays: full € 5,00, discounted € 4,00

Piazza del popolo is only a 15 min. subway trip away from Yes Hotel and Hotel Des Artistes! We’re waiting for you to have a wonderful Christmas…!!!

November is the ballet lover’s month in Rome

Our Blogger: Arianna

During November will be possible to enjoy many interesting dance performances in Rome’s Opera House. The firt of them is the ballet L’Heure Exquise. Coming from an adaptation of Happy Days written by Samuel Beckett, this ballet has been planned for Carla Fracci, unforgettable dancer of classic ballet.

The Opera House in Rome

The Opera House in Rome

The story behind the ballet its so simple and at the same time goes straight at the bottom of your heart. The main character is Whinny who lives her life buried to the waist on the sand. Apparently she is very happy about her life. looks like she doesn’t care about her condition which is an obstacle for a normal existence. Every day is in fact an happy day.

She is not alone  inside the sand. In fact his husband lives with her behind her shoulders. He has an empty skull and still can literally drag his body outside the sand.

During the second act Whinny is buried till the neck. Still she continues to claim that is a happy day. In particular she has got a gun inside her bag which is representative of all the drama. In fact she is afraid her husband can use it but really firing herself that will be an admission that is not an happy day.

The beauty of dance in Rome

The beauty of dance in Rome

Another tempting possibility for those who enjoy art is the famous ballet The Swan Lake, that will be performed throughout November. This classic will delight you, and will make your trip to Rome even more memorable. For reservations of further information, visit the official site of the Opera House of Rome, located only a couple of minutes away from Yes Hotel and Hotel Des Artistes, your best options to discover the best of Rome.

Now in Rome: Caravaggio as you have never seen it before



People visiting Rome during the next three months will have the unique opportunity to witness the restoration of a work of art as it happens.
The painting getting a “lifting” is  Caravaggio’s Adoration of the Shepherds.
The choice could’t be more fitting, because Caravaggio is one of the painters more closely associated with Rome, and because during 2010 the city will be commemorating the 400th anniversay of the death of the famous painter.


Caravaggio Lifting Exhibition

Two days a week, on Wednesday and Friday, the visitors will be allowed into the premises of Punto Camera in via Via del Parlamento 19th to observe the restorators at work. It is necessary to make a reservation, which can be done through the website of the sponsor of the event.

Getting again the chance to get in such close contact with the work of one of the masters of Italian painting will be almost impossible, so don’t miss this great opportunity!
And don’t miss either the chance to stay in one of the best hotels in Rome: Hotel Des Artistes  and Yes Hotel.
Its helpful staff, great service, and convenient rates will put even more smiles in your face when you visit Rome!