Gotan Project: the passion of Tango in Rome

Our Blogger: Marcelo


Unique, intense and elegant. Gotan project shows Tango with a new
face. Creating a magic atmosphere during their concerts. Making you
fall in love with tango based on a mix of tradition and electronic

Millions of copies sold around the world. More than 250 thousand only
in Italy. Success is only natural. From their first ‘’Revancha del
Tango’’ (Tango revenge) in 2001 there was a shock in the chill-out
global scene. They had something new, authentic and powerful to give.

music_phases8This French band mix European and Argentinian members offers the
right taste of the tango secret and enchanting  formula. They represent next step in the evolution of Tango, continuing the experiments of Astor Piazzola but in a open and completely new direction.

Prepare your self to enjoy next springtime in Rome of their sounds full
of passion and beauty.

TUESDAY, May 25, 2010
Via Oceano Atlantico, 271 D
Concert starts time: at 21:00
Ticket price: € 30.00 + advance sale charges

How to get there:
From our locations Hotel Des Artistes Rome and Yes Hotel Rome. Line B
of the underground until the stop Eur Fermi, from there connexion with
bus 709 for five stops and get off at stop Colombo/Atlanta. A half an
hour total trip. You can check also and