Supermagic 2010 in Rome

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Magic exists… Are you ready for the proof?

Get ready then for SUPERMAGIC 2010, an event full of ‘’Mistery’’!!!

That is actually the name of this new edition of SUPERMAGIC 2010: ‘’Mistery’’.  This Magic Show, will take the audience into a new world: beyond the rational limit, a big party full of surprises that will challenge your mental schemes.

Traditional and Modern Magic: A mix of the latest technology in audio and video special sffects and ancient secrets to lead the audience into a different dimension…

For this SUPERMAGIC 2010 Rome has selected the best international ‘’Magic Stars’’  from around the world for a unique experience. Among the performers we’ll have:

adamsA real star, the most famous Hand of the world!  The”Hand” of Addams Family fame. This legendary TV show, a satirical and very funny inversion of the ideal American family, that conquered the TV audience around the world…

Jordan Gomez: An amazing French magician , his number achieved  great success in the World Championship of Magic in China in 2009…

Alberto and Laura Giorgi:  winners of numerous awards including the Mandrake D’Or in Paris.

Ardan James: a unique mime U.S. presented its irresistible number around the world having countless awards.

Gaetano Triggiano: the amazing Italian illusionist, is touring the world with his outstanding play Tabla, staged by Serge Denoncourt, the director of Cirque du Soleil…


Arno: a brilliant French magician , bringing up splendid parrots, cockatoos and colourful macaws. Indeed  a remarkable number from a  Mandrake d’Or winner…

MISTERY SUPERMAGIC 2010 is built and run by a staff consisting of magicians and illusionists to keep the secrets behind every great trick.

Vito Lupo, special events consultant for Disney in Florida, is the director of the new edition of SUPERMAGIC 2010 (he won the world championship conjurer of magic).


WHERE: Teatro Olimpico, Piazza Gentile da Fabriano 17, Rome

WHEN: 22 to 31 January 2010,

Every evening at 21, Saturday at 16.30 and 21 hours Sunday 18, Thursday rest.

the seventh edition of the Festival of Magic, Supermagic 2010


TICKETS:from € 15.00 to € 30

HOW TO GET THERE:From our locations Hotel Des Artistes Rome and Yes Hotel Rome just get the bus 910 from Termini Station (Direction Mancini) and get off at Stop MELOZZO DA FORLI (30 minutes total trip)

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