Snow in Rome: for the first time in 25 years!

Our blogger: Raul

-Raul rambles abut snow, miracles and the beauty of Rome

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Today we had real snow in Rome for the first time in 25 years! (as we promptly reported on our brand-new Twitter account!)

I, being my usual lazy self, was sleeping this morning but the staff at the hotel managed to take the photos you are seeing on this post.

Snow is always a big event in Rome. We don’t have it very often over here and when it comes it’s always special, no matter how much it can slow down your day or the traffic. It brings out the child inside everyone. The local newspapers have covered extensively our 3 centimenters of snow and have asked readers to upload their photos, which they have done with enthusiasm. For a couple of days you will see some extra smiles on the streets.

Just to get an idea of how a peculiar an event is snow in Rome, consider that it’s literally considered a miracle. You can check the entire story on this previous post, but in short, according to the legend surrounding the foundation of Santa Maria Maggiore (a very important church located near Hotel Des Artistes and Yes Hotel) the location of the church was determined by the miracolous aparition of snow in that very spot of the city. In fact, every year the miracle is commemorated with petals of whites roses being thrown from the top of the basilica,  due to Rome’s notorious lack of real snow.

Immagine 001I guess this was a very special moment for those visiting Rome these days. It might be seen as a special wink from the city. But you know? I don’t think you have to wait other 25 years to have a special moment in Rome. This magical city has something to tell to everyone. All you have to do is come here ready to be greeted by the city with your own, personal miracle.