Technology in ancient Rome

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machina_tecnologia_dell_antica_roma_largeFrom 23 December until 5 April 2010 is currently being shown MACHINA: TECHNOLOGY OF ANCIENT ROME, which aims to illustrate the level of technology to which ancient Rome had come through reconstructions, archaeological and photographic documentation. The power of the Roman Empire, based on technology as well as political organization, will be told in the science fair MACHINA. TECHNOLOGY OF ANCIENT ROME, hosted by the Museum of Roman Civilization from 23 December to 5 April 2010. For the first time will be unveiled to the public the secrets of the machines that have contributed to the construction and operation of the Empire.

The exhibition is organized by Rita Perceval Correnti, president of Association Piazza Duomo, and is promoted by the Cultural Policies and Communication – Superintendency of Cultural Heritage of the City of Rome and from Sapienza University of Rome with the help of Fondazione Roma.

ariete_270_sqlargeThe exhibit to the visitors offers more than 100 examples of technology divided between archaeological finds, reconstructions, virtual machines, mechanisms and works in scale. Some 47 imprints from the collections of the Museum of Roman Civilization and 32 fragments, including the unpublished from Antiquarium from municipal, enrich and complement the exhibition. Through exhibits, built from scratch by the Florentine craftsman Gabriele Niccolai based on studies of exhibits and testimony, you will understand the technological principles of operation of some of the most important (and interesting) machines built and used by Romans on their everyday lives.

When: 23 December 2009- 05 April 2010
Where: Museo della Civiltà Romana, Piazza G. Agnelli, 10, Rome
Ticket price: 6.50 Euro
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