The best spas near Rome

-Spas a great option to treat yourself this summer. We have for you the best options near the Eternal City.


Spas have become synonymous with tourism and it is getting closer to a different people than traditional (consisting of elderly or willing that goes  in the spa for treatment of certain diseases).
At the spas you will recover incentives and motivations that synergized with therapies, helping to determine the early resolution of debilitating diseases and states or their proper management is also a psychic level, are rediscovered their health needs and thus the need for prevention, why the interventions of health education have, patients with spas, a particular impact.
Finally, always remember that the thermal waters carry the medicine to its roots, where the patient is first and foremost a man.

In the province of Rome, the most popular spa destinations are:
Bagni di Tivoli – 9 km from Rome In a mild climate and the beauty of the area attracted here in Roman times, famous personalities such as Sallust, Catullus, Horace and Maecenas. Among the attractions of the place excelled albulae aquae, celebrated by doctors, philosophers and scholars – among them should be mentioned Virgil, Strabo, Galen and Pliny the Younger – for their therapeutic virtues. Augustus was likely to want to build a luxurious spa building, which was designed by Agrippa, the builder of the Pantheon.


Palombara Sabina, on the slopes of Mount Gennaro, retains its original medieval spiral developed on a hill dominated by the castle. The Baths of Cretone, 8 km from the town, are connected by shuttle to the station of Belle Plain Montelibretti the underground Fiumicino-Fara in Sabina, which connects Rome in half an hour.

Famous are also  the Baths of Sant’Egidio, in province of Latina, where you can find the best treatments as mud treatment, and hydrotherapy, also cures gynaecological, dermatological, cosmetic and aesthetic. The site includes information to help you understand the features and benefits of water charges for various services, and you can stay in the hotel rooms and know the price list for the current season and the next .

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