The San Callisto Catacombs


One of the most famous historic and religious landmarks in Rome are the Catacombs of San Callisto, along the Appian Way. Among the many underground cemeteries of the City, those are the best known and most popular, best known for the “Crypt of the Popes.”

Unlike the other catacombs in Rome, these were found larger .Catacombs of San Callisto have become true places of worship and pilgrimage after 313 when the Emperor Constantine ended the persecutions against christians.

Tunnels and galleries on four levels is a maze of niches still open or walled custom made and designed for a simple burial, without cash but only in a sheet, sarcophagi and crypts, cubicles, epitaphs and carvings, the remains of oil lamps and vases containing perfumes.


During the visit falls only on the second floor, undoubtedly the most interesting from an archaeological point of view. Now we find the copy of a statue of the fourth century preserved in the Vatican Museum, depicting the Good Shepherd, a symbol of Christ’s love. Among the other images, belonging to the vast symbolism devised by Christians during the persecution, when their religion was declared a “a strange religion” with the decree of 35 senators.

You can see the Crypt of the Popes where the faithful descended on a pilgrimage to honor  the martyrs. Continuing on, you can see the Crypt of St Cecilia where to place the coffin containing the body of the patron saint of music, now housed in the Basilica of St. Cecilia in Trastevere, there is a copy of a famous sculpture of 1599, the Cubicles of the Sacraments, five small rooms where you retain some of the oldest frescoes of Christian era, representing precisely the most important sacraments in the Christian faith: baptism and the ‘ Eucharist. Crypt of St. Eusebius, smaller but decorated with marble slabs on which are three arches, one of which contained the tomb of the saint.

Not quite everything, so you can enjoy a beautiful day to teach the history of Christianity and the history of Rome.

  1. Visiting hours: 9.00 – 12.00 e 14.00 – 17.00
  2. Price tickets : € 8,00 / € 5,00 reduced fee

How  to arrive:

  • From Termini Station:
    Metro A (direction Anagnina) to stop Piazza di S. Giovanni in Laterano. Than take a bus line 218.
    Metro B (direction Laurentina) to stop Circo Massimo. Than take bus line 118.

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