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Piranesi, creator of the Roman iconograpy


Under the title Piranesi, Rembrandt of the Ruins, the Casa di Goethe in Rome hosts an exhibition of the engraver Giovanni Battista Piranesi, who lived and worked from 1720 to 1778. The Piranesi exhibition gives an excellent insight into what Rome must have looked like in the days of Goethe and focuses especially on his work “Vedute di Roma” (Views of Rome), which is represented with 35 reprints. The artist had depicted the ancient and classical monuments of the Eternal City in 135 sheets.The decay of the Roman ruins facilitates their placement in the surrounding landscape. Piranesi presents them as overgrown, inhabited by phantasmagoric figures and, at the same time, plunged into air and light.


Piranesi influenced Romanticism and Surrealism by his way to represent his engraving, much more than a neoclassic artist.

During the exhibition Goethe House presents for the first time a major permanent loan to Rechburg and Betzkoj Associates (RB), a pen drawing of 1787 attributed to JW Goethe, newly discovered, depicting a landscape with Italian monastery.

Leonardo and his machines in Rome


An exclusive exhibition has been inaugurated in Rome on April 2009 and will be opened till April 30th 2012,dedicated to the eclectic genius of Leonardo da Vinci, whose interests ranged over a wide variety of subjects: painting,sculpture,architecture,music,science,math,engineering,anatomy,geology,cartography,botany.

The show gathers the inventions of the great Tuscan master that have been deeply studied and made in wood, hand laboured with care and technically skilled by scientist and brilliant florentine craftsmen.


All the machines are fully operational and can be touched and set in motion for the amusement of all visitors: flying machines, like the precursor of the parachute, a bicycle, an hidraulic saw and many others inventions,

even an armoured tank created in exclusive for this show with its weight of two tons, and about six metres in diameter and three metres high.

The machines are grouped into 4 main sectors characterized by 4 elements of nature, water, air, earth and fire, to which add the category “mechanical elements” or mechanisms,.

The exhibition, inside the historical Palazzo della Cancelleria, next to Campo de’ Fiori can be an opportunity of a deep interactive experience to understand the genius of Leonardo da Vinci. The area can be easily reached from Hotel Des Artistes or Yes Hotel using the bus 64, from the Termini Station. Here you have a map showing the route.

Our blogger today: Lello

Rodrigo y Gabriela live in Rome

Rodrigo y Gabriela, also known as El Rodi y La Gabi, are a Mexican duo who specialize in playing fast, rythmic acoustic guitar. The duo’s members are Rodrigo Sanchez, lead guitar, and Gabriela Quintero, rythim guitar and percussion.

The musicians gained a reputation by playing in the pubs and bars of Dublin, Ireland, where they gained a cult following. They are hard to pigeon-hole; their style is an idiosyncratic mix of genres that refuses any labels.

This month on the 22nd they will be playing in Rome in the Parco Della Musica, Viale Pietro De Coubertin 30, at 9pm. To get there from Hotel Des Artistes or Yes Hotel you can take the bus M from the station Termini.Be sure not to miss this great concert!

Our Blogger: Liam

Rome Film Festival 2011


Its time for the sixth international film festival in Rome, beginning October 27th and ending November 4th.

Fifteen films are in competition for the official selection of the festival featuring films from all around the world. Among many others, the scheduled films include Hysteria by Tanya Wexler, Babycall by Pal Sletuane, Poongsan by Juhn Jaihong, Magic Valley by Jaffe Zinn, Hotel Lux by Leander Haubmann, The Eye of The Storm by Fred Schepisi, Une Vie Meilleure by Cedrick Kahn, Un Cuento Chino and La femme Du Cinquieme by Pawel Pawlikowski.

The Lady by Luc Besson with Michelle Yeoh and Daniel Thewlis, a film out of competition in the official selection, will open the festival. While the digitally restored 4K version of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the films public screening, will be the final event of the festival.

richard-gereAlso the sixth edition of the festival will award the ‘Marc’Aurelio actor’s award to Richard Gere, the Hollywood star who fought so many humanitarian battles and has played the lead in many popular films such as Pretty Woman and An Officer and a Gentleman. Richard will introduce the screening of Days of Heaven, Terrence Malick’s wonderful second film which gave Richard his first lead role.

There is a multitude of other events happening during this fascinating and exciting festival so you should be sure not to miss it, you will enjoy. And to get the most of the Roman Dolce Vita at the most affordable rates, check our website, drop us a line or give us a call (+39 064454365). We’ll be happy to give you our best offer.

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Homo Sapiens: the adventure of our species in Rome

turkana boyAn exhibition is transformed into films. It happens at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome this year for the first time, expands the boundaries of its exibitions rallying the new cinematic creativity.

Two hundred years ago, Homo sapiens began from a small valley of today’s Ethiopia, the journey that led him to colonize the entire planet and live with other human species, forming the great variety of peoples and cultures that we know. For the first time an international group of scientists from different disciplines and coordinated by Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza, has reconstructed the roots and routes of human settlement. Geneticists, linguists, anthropologists and paleoanthropologists have combined the results of their research into a wonderful fresco of the history of human evolution. The result is an international exhibition, interactive and multimedia divided into six sections that tells the stories of adventures and extraordinary trips, largely unknown, which generated the mosaic of human diversity.

The best short films will be selected for an exhibition event at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni to be held in January 2012 and will be rewarded by leading exponents of Italian cinema and criticism. Will be allowed short fiction films, documentaries and animation, the maximum duration of 20 minutes.

The building is located in the center of Rome a few steps from our hotel. We look forward to the Hotel Des Artistes to update you on other events in Rome.

The Secret Keyhole

2477660926_634be5cf4aHere in Rome there are many things to see and enjoy. However, most people come to see the main attractions (i.e. the Colosseum, the Vatican, the Pantheon, etc.).

What many people don’t realise is that there are many, many other little hidden gems in the city. One of these is the secret keyhole to the door of the headquarters of the sovereign order of the knights of malta. Located near the Colosseum, the keyhole offers a unique picturesque view of St. Peters Basilica. If you want to go and catch a photo, be prepared to be patient as it can be a difficult shot to capture.


In my opinion it’s definitely worth a look. You can get there by taking the b line from termini to Circo Massimo and then walk along side it till you reach a large statue, immediately after the statue turn left through the gate and then walk generally straight uphill until you reach the door in a small square. Hope you enjoy!

To discover all the secrets of the Eternal City there is no better base than Hotel Des Artistes and Yes Hotel, great accomodation at affordable rates!

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Lou Reed rocks Rome

Lou-Reed2Lou Reed returns to Italy  after four years. The living legend of rock, an staordinary artist that with his revolutionary music has created his own funs, will shine at Luglio Suona Bene 2011 and will propose a trip through his music with  a line-up  of eight components that  will travel us to his discography of ’70. the history of rock is obligated to Lou Reed , from his debut with Velvet Underground till his solo career.

Lou Reed is a singer, a poet, a writter and a photographer. He was named cavalier of Art and Letterature by the state of France and at 1996 was made part of  the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

December of 2006 has made his debut  in opera at St’ Ann’s Warehouse with the act Berlin.

His performance was filmed by  the actor and artist Julian Schnabel. At 2007 has pubblished his first work of elettronic music for meditation  Hudson river wind meditations.

Sting in Rome

sting-concerti-italiaMister Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner was born the 2nd October 1951. That name may doesn’t tell you that much. He is  known worldwide as STING.

Sting took his nickname while playing in jazz clubs at the beginning of  his amazing careerBack then, he performed wearing a black and yellow sweater with stripes, so he was called STING , since his clothes reminded a bee. He alternated his activity as a musician with a job as a School teacher.

His big time began when he moved to London and formed the Police. The band explored the ferocity of punk rock adding a richness of elements non usual on that style, letting show the virtuosity of his members. The Police evolved towards pop music with some elements of reggae and jazz music creating ‘’standards’’ in pop music such as ‘’every breath you take’’.

Even if there was not a formal dissolution of the band, each member took his own path for a solo career in the middle of the 80’s (at the top of their success). Sting as singer and song writer of The Police continue a very successful career by his own.

STING is 59 years old.  he keeps himself in good shape: How? running 8 km a day and practicing yoga as part of his daily routine.

He is music is unique, combining powerful and delicate sounds with direct references to jazz.

He is very fond to Italy, he has a residence in this country, where he lives for periods.

The 30th July you can see STING  in action in Rome, at the Auditorium Parco della Musica. with the Ensemble Symphony Orchestra, will present a footage of the Police and his solo tracks.

And don’t forget: if you need accomodation in Rome your best options are Hotel Des Artistes and Yes Hotel!

Rock in Rome 2011

SlashGuitarAs every year, “Rock in Roma Festival” at “Ippodromo Le Capannelle” is one of the most enjoyable appointment for music lovers. The latest editions have seen perform on the stage some of the best national and international bands and artists as Ben Harper, Franz Ferdinand, Killers, Massive Attack, Nine Inch Nails, Motorhead, Afterhours and Marlene Kuntz, Cranberries and Skunk Anansie.

“Rock in Roma Festival” will start June 18th and for more than a month it will offer every night concerts and different kindsof events. Opening guests this year will be the very famous band among young people “30 Seconds to Mars”; the show will continue in the following days with others big names of international music scene as: Jamiroquai, Dream Theater, Franco Battiato, Ben Harper & Robert Plant, Korn, Subsonica, Moby, Caparezza, Almamegretta & Raiz, Jack Johnson, Slash, Chemical Brothers and more others.

Here’s the complete program of “Rock in Roma Festival”:

June 18th30 Second to Mars
June 21stAvenged Sevenfold
June 23rdAlessandro Mannarino
June 29thKorn
June 30thSubsonica
July 3rdBlack Label Society
July 4thDream Theater + Anathema + Gamma Ray
July 6thAfterhours
July 8thMogwai
July 9thFabri Fibra
July 13thChemical Brothers
July 15thFranco Battiato
July 16thCaparezza
July 17thAlmamegretta & Raiz Reunion Tour
July 18thDaniele Silvestri
July 19thBen Harper & Robert Plant
July 20thSkunk Anansie
July 21stElio e Le Storie Tese
July 22nd Jamiroquai
July 23rd Jack Johnson
July 24thMoby
July 26thModà
July 29thSlash

“Ippodromo Le Capannelle” on via Appia is a big area, in addition to concerts, you can find other events and attraction and is very easy to reach it from Hotel des Artistes and Yes Hotel! For ticket prices and any other information, give us a ring (+39 064454365) or drop us a line ( you will get our best offer for accomodation and the best way to enjoy the good music in Rome!

When: June 18th – July 29th
Where: Ippodromo Le Capannelle
How to get there: from Termini Station take the train FM4 (8 minutes) and get off to Capannelle Station; or take the red subway line, get off to Cinecittà and then take the bus 654 to Via delle Capannelle; or take the red subway line, get off to Colli Albani and then take the bus 664.

Our Blogger: Ferdinando

Rome Meets the World Music

– From African ethnic music to latin-tinged art rock, this festival will bring to Rome the sounds of the world from both emerging artists and well-known performers, like Suzanne Vega or Cesaria Evora.

romaincontrailmondoRoma Incontra il Mondo (Rome Meets the World) has become a pleasant tradition in the cultural landscape of the city. Every year, the festival offers space to performers from all around the world to share their music and their culture.

Here you have a preliminary list of the artistis performing this year at Villa Ada:

  • 18 June: double concert Mad Professor feat. Earl 16 + Zion Train
  • 19 June: double concert Ojos De Brujo (Spain) + Ely Guerra (Mexico) 
  • 23 June: double concert Caribou (Canada) + Battles (USA)
  • 25 June: Teresa De Sio Briganta Banda (Naples, Italy)
  • 27 June: Sean Kuti & Egypt (Nigeria)
  • 28 June: Bandabardò (Italy)
  • 29 June: Natasha Atlas & Trasglobal Underground (UK, Egypt)
  • 5 July: Cristina Donà (Italy)
  • 6 July: Sud Sound System (Salento, Italy)
  • 7 July: Maria Gadu (Brazil)
  • 9 July: Officina Zoè (Salento, Italy)
  • 10 July: Niccolò Fabi Tour (Italy)
  • 11 July: Yann Tiersen (France)
  • 12 July: Jimmy Cliff (Jamaica)
  • 13 July: Alex Britti (Italy)
  • 14 July: Alborosie (Jamaica)
  • 15 July: Petra Magoni & Ferruccio Spinetti (Italy)
  • 16 July: Nando Citarella Tamburi del Vesuvio (Naples, Italy)
  • 17 July: Verdena (Italy)
  • 18 July: Joa Bosco Quartet (Brazil)
  • 20 July: Suzanne Vega (USA)
  • 21 July: Goran Bregovic & Wedding and Funeral Band Campagne for Gypsie (Serbia)
  • 22 July: Anthony B (Jamaica)
  • 23 July: Eugenio Bennato (Naples, Italy)
  • 24 July: Cesaria Evora (Cape Verde)
  • 25 July: Tuck & Patty (USA)
  • 28 July: Luciano & Iriepathie (Jamaica)
  • 29 July: Final Party Daniele Pepe

Our main pick would be Cesaria Evora, closely followed by Suzanne Vega and Mexican female rocker Ely Guerra, but all the performers are definitely worth a chance, and any of the concerts would be the perfect way to wrap a summer evening in Rome: with great music in the beautiful surroundings of a Roman Villa.

Don’t miss the chance, and contact us to get the perfect accomodation in Rome at Hotel Des Artistes or Yes Hotel.

Where: Villa Ada, Rome
When: 18 June-29 July, 2011
How to get there: From the Termini Station take the bus 92 for 15 stops and get off at the stop “Stimigliano”. Villa Ada is 650 meters away.

Our blogger: Raul

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