Six Nations 2011 in Rome!

– Rugby enthusiasts will flock from all around the world to the Eternal City to assist to the competion where the most powerful European teams fight for sportive glory.

RBS-Six-Nations-Rugby-2010As every year, rugby fans from all around the world are rubbing their hands in anticipation for the upcoming edition of the 6 nations championship to take place beetwen February 4 and 19 March 2011.

The tournament brings together on a yearly basis the most powerful European rugby teams to compete for the continetal championship. The system is quite simple: each team plays every other team once, with home field advantage alternating from one year to the next. When a team wins a championship without being defeated it achieves a Grand Slam.


Of course, the most powerful teams are those with a strong rugby tradition like Ireland or England, but more “latin” countries like France and, more recently, Italy are developing a growing passion for the sport drawing bigger crowds to the stadiums each year.

On this edition of the tournament Italy will be playing in its home filed, the Sadio Flaminio in Rome, against ireland on February 5; Wales on February 26 and France on March 12. All the matches are great opportunities for Rugby enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite sport while getting to know one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

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