Rome Marathon: The Run and The Fun

img-1203021500-maratonaSunday, March 18, 2012 at9am from the Via dei Fori Imperiali- starts the 18th Rome Marathon. The racecourse passes all major tourist attractions in Rome, namely the Coloseum, Roman Forum, Mouth of Truth, Circo Massimo, Piramide,  St Paul Basilica, Tiberina island, Navona Square, Castle St Angel,  St Peter Basilica, Campidoglio, music auditorium and many others. Perfect for a fun and sight-filled run through Rome.

International, national and continental competitors are flocking from all corners of the earth to Rome for the 18th marathon edition. Cristal clear, no one can foretell who will be the winner, but like all other major-long-distance-competitions this also might be dominated by East African champs. Nevertheless Brazilian fans, as in any World Cup competition- won’t be satisfied with runner up, the same is true with any elite runner, i.e. the thirst to win internationally sealed marathon race, on the hill tops of thousand-years-history of athletic tournaments.

In the past half-decade, like other long-distance-competitions, the Rome marathon was under the East-African-runners dominion. Kenyan gems have won the five highest podiums of the last six consecutive Rome marathon chapters and Ethiopian athletes seem coming back- fifty years to the legendary barefoot runner Abbebe Bekila-  dominated  last year’s table with seven runners in the best-ten list. Is someone from Italy going to make it to a podium higher than the 2006 second result? But as the proverb goes, ‘Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched’.


The Rome marathon-day is a two-day event. Side by side to the International marathon is the non-competitive Rome Fun race, this is more a leisure walk than a race. Parents, friends, class mates, lovers, co-workers and so on use this event to walk & talk the 4km distance coined “La Stracittadina”.

Those who want to participate on one of the two occasions can visit this site:-

Runners, art hunters or  admirers can take this opportunity to imagine the knowledge and wisdom of the Most High that vested upon the great grandparents of Rome. Decorations, architectures and the history that accompanies the ancient sites add flavour to the whole event.

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