On Saturday, April 7th the football teams in Italy will play the 31° day of the Italian Championship, called “Serie A”.

They all will play on Saturday ( very unusual ) as the following day is Easter.

In Rome there will be an outstanding match between S.S. Lazio and S.S.C. Napoli. Both teams are trying to obtain the third place in the Championship as it guarantees the qualification for the Champions League next year.


Last year they played in Naples on November 20, but no-one won, they drew 0-0, even if the “ partenopei ” , as the Napoli players are nicknamed, they played much better than Lazio but Lazio’s goalkeeper “Marchetti” played one of his best matches and Lazio could go back home with a positive result.

In April, for the 12° day of the second round of the Championship the match will be played in Rome at the “ Stadio Olimpico” at 9.00 pm.

tifo napoli

The prices for the tickets differ according to the areas of the stadium.

They are as follows:

35 euro for the two “ curve ” ( the seats behind the goals ),

45 euro for the “ distinti ” ,

from 72 to 85 euro for “ Tribuna Tevere ”

and from 115 to 160 euro for “ Tribuna Montemario ”.

If you want to be there at the Olimpic Stadium in Rome,

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S.S. Lazio – S.S.C. Napoli  07/04/2012

Venue: Olympic Stadium of Rome, Italy

Start: 9.00 pm


Prices from 35 to 160 euro