Rome Chinatown: diversity is beauty


Chinatown in Rome is booming. Yes, compared to other Chinatowns, the later is 15 years old phenomenon and its growth is fascinating. Restaurants, shops, travel agents, hotels, market, internet and telephone centres are blossoming in this little town.

Regarding Chinatown, the first thing that one imagines is a beautifully adorned gate which over the years has become an identifying landmark for Chinese in exile. In Rome the landmark is not available but the area is noted for its multi-ethnicity.

After busy weekdays explicitly on Saturdays, the area is jam-packed with people of varied tribes, nations and languages to acquire the best of fresh fish, meat, vegetables available by the open market inside Chinatown. Asians, Africans, Latinos and Italians flock to this quarter for cheap shopping and also to find shops that specialize in homeland merchandise.

Chinatown Rome’s diversity is what gives it beauty. It is nice little town full of cultures interesting to visit.

After hunting down all major tourist attractions in Rome, visiting such an area is a good experience. Cheap souvenirs, African objet d’art, clothes and variety of dishes (Chinese, Indian, Eritrean, Philipine, Bangladesh etc) are a plus to the shopping experience in Rome. 

This area of Rome, though, close to Rome Termini Central Station remains unexplored by many tourists. Interested clients are able to get information from Hotel Des Artistes’ staff of visiting Rome Chinatown. 

Chinatown located on one of Rome’s seven hills – Esquillino- is five minutes walk from Hotel Des Artistes.

our blogger: Adu K