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Paolo Nutini in Rome

Paolo-NutiniDon”t miss your chance to see  PAOLO NUTINI  play live this summer.

Paolo is coming to Italy this summer to headline the Pistoia Blues Festival.
The Scottish singer was born 9/01/87 in Paisleiy. His father  is of italian descent, from Barga ,Tuscany, altough  his family has been in Scotland for three generations .

Paolo Nutini”s debut album, These Streets ,was released by Atlantic Records in the United Kindom  in July 2006 and included the Singles Last Request , Jenny Don”t Be Hasty , Rewind ,and New Shoes .
Last Request was the most successfu of theml , reaching number five on the UK  Singles Chart. The album peaked  at number three on the UK Chart  and was certified 4x platinum by the British Phonographic Industry.
In May 2009 Nutini released his second album, Sunny Side Up ,which debuted at number one in the UK  and has produced four Singles : Candy , Coming Up Easy , Pencil Full of Lead and 10/10 ,it has so far been certified  4x platinum by BPI  ,on February 2010 it Scooped Best International Album at the 2010 Meteor Awards .
These are the dates for Paolo’s concerts in Italy :

13 July -Festival Villa Arconati ,Milano ;  13/07/12 (21:30) -34,50
14July -Pistoia Blues Festival ,Piazza Duomo ,Pistoia;14/07/12 (22:00) -34,50
16July -Cavea Auditorium, Roma ;
17 July -Music International  Festival Veruccio (Rimini) ; 17/07/12(21:30)
19 July -Teatro D”Annunzio , Pescara ; 19/07/12 (21:30) 28,75
20 July -Castello  Scaligero ,Villafranca (Verona);20/07/12(21:30)28,75
21July -No Borders Music Festival 2012 ,Piazza Unita , Tarvisio ;21/07012 (21:15) 34.70
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The Quiet Beauty of Vermeer in Rome

Girl_with_a_Pearl_EarringVermeer is the most famous name of a group of painters who worked during what is now known as the Dutch Golden Age of Painting.

The painter was born in Delft during the 17th century, and apparently he never left his home town. There is not much information regarding his personal life, that remains a mystery for the most part.

The most remarkable characteristics of his works are the calm they convey and the domestic situations they portray. Centuries later, the beauty of everyday life and people was acknowledged universally by artists (just think of Van Gogh and the Impressionists) and the calm that Vermeer taught us to appreciate  was used to achieve more mysterious and suggestive effects, like Dali and Magritte did.

The upcoming exhibition Vermeer and the Golden Age of Dutch Art, due to take place from October 2012 until January 20 2013 at the Scuderie del Quirinale Museum, is an excellent opportunity to know more about this master whose legacy is as great as his life is mysterious.

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Catacombs in Rome

Inside A Catacomb

Catacombs are believed to have been used as burial chambers, worship area and refuge by persecuted Christians/Jews starting from the second century A.D. Jewish catacombs, discovered in 1918, make part of the belowground graves enriched by frescoes.

The Catacombs in Rome cover many kilometers and some are four storeys below ground zero. They contain slots carved into walls, carvings, passageways, worship halls and/or frescoes. Paintings found in this below ground complex narrate biblical stories of both old and new testaments or simply religious symbols.

Catacombs of Domitilla, for example, spread over 15 kilometers of underground caves and are Rome’s oldest underground burial complex still containing bones.

Some of the catacombs in Rome are: Marcellinus and Peter, Commodilla, Generosa, Praetextatus, Priscilla, San Callisto, San Lorenzo, San Pancrazio, San Sebastiano, San Valentino, Sant’Agnese, Jewish and so on.

To visit the San Callisto, the most famous of all catacombs, take bus 218 from San Giovanni Metro A.

For the Jewish Catacomb, get off at Metro B Policlinico and walk to Villa Torlonia.

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Saint Peter Basilica like you’ve never seen before

Rome, you know, is a charming city. Of course, it’s even more on some days, at times, but especially, in some places.

 The construction of the Basilica of St. Peter, built on a Christian Cross plan  comparing to the original design of the Greek cross, has dismissed the prospect of the dome, no longer visible at close range. Never mind: the dome, known in Rome as “Er Cupolone”, dominates the Borgo and Prati districts.

But there’s one place in Rome, where you have the feeling of being in front of the St. Peter’s dome, and touch it with your hand. It’s Via Niccolò Piccolomini, near Villa Pamphili, a park situated between the areas of Monteverde Vecchio, Aurelia and Trionfale.cupola_da_piccolomini

Via Niccolò Piccolomini is a small residential street in the heart of the city, one of those fascinating points, from where you can have s breathtaking view of the Eternal City.

The feature that makes this place a real gem, is that from Via Piccolomini, you can see the dome of St. Peter as you’ve ever seen.

 Via Piccolomini is a street in a nice residential neighborhood, close to Via Gregorio VII. From the beginning of the road can see the dome of St. Peter and, as is natural, approaching the end of the road, we expect to see the dome getting bigger and bigger. But no.

Follow the path, looking at the Dome. Something strange happens: the closer you get, and more the Dome goes away. If you step back, the dome will seem bigger and closer. A game of perspectives that makes it fascinating.

The reason for this optical illusion? It is not known. Perhaps it is a deception of proportion, perhaps due to the orientation of the road from the Dome. It doesn’t matter a lot since it is really an amazing little magic of Rome.

This is the reason why Via Piccolomini is such a special place. The perfect ending to an evening in the center or to start an very romantic walk.

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Laura Pausini in Rome


Laura Pausini is one of the most visible ambassadors of Italian pop around the world.

The singer will be visiting the Eternal City after couple of years of absence: she will be offering concerts in Rome on the 31/12/2011, 01/01/2011, 03/01/2011, 04/01/2011 and the 06/01/2011 at the Palalottomatica Arena.  Those nights are going to be special for the city of Rome that has always supported this fantastic singer. These concerts are going to be unforgettable for everyone, as she will be presenting her new album .

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Address: Piazzale dello sport, Roma
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