Skunk Anansie are an English band, whose image is usually associated with the singer and band-leader Skin (Deborah Dyer), known among other things for his habit of wearing his hair completely shaved. Formed in 1994 the group was disbanded in 2001 but reformed in 2009. Their name comes from the West African spider-god “Anansi”, with “Skunk” (a quality of marijuna) to make the name more alternative.

In November at Palalottomatica here in Rome, Skunk Anansie play in concert. In fact, the legendary voice of Skin and his team will be in Rome November 20, 2012. The S.A. with their melancholic rock submit to the Romans their new album Wonderlustre, which in England has already been a great success, with the single Over the Love, My Ugly Boy and You saved me. After almost 10 years after their breakup back to seduce millions of listeners around the world. Seacretly of 1999 is their best-selling song. The purity and the power of the voice of the singer makes this group capable of moments of intense rock, and at the same time of great sweetness evocative. After almost 10 years after their breakup back to conquer millions of listeners around the world. So is an unmissable opportunity for all the fans.!


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