Campo de’fiori

Campo de ‘Fiori is one of the most popular nightspots favored by young people, both Italian and foreign, thanks to the many clubs and pubs.

The open-air market in the morning and the evening entertainment offered by bars and restaurants in the area, the young crowd that frequents especially in the summer, make a square still alive.

The square of Campo dei Fiori in Rome, owes its fame to the episode that saw the philosopher Giordano Bruno burned at the stake by the Catholic Church for heresy on February 17, 1600 AD
The execution is today commemorated by a statue erected in 1889 AD and placed in the middle of the Campo dei Fiori.

here’s a few bars:

The Drunken Ship

The Drunken Ship, open daily from 19.00 to 2.00, is one of the local field de’Fiori frequented by lovers of beer and party. It ‘a disco pub with an international flair and is open until 2 am.the club is characterized by a long list of cocktails and especially for offerings, the “body shot” is the specialty of the house.

Sloppy Sams:

Sloppy Sams is open from 19:00 to 2:00 is the Sloppy Sams The Original American Bar at Campo de ‘Fiori, a pub where you can drink and have fun in a very festive atmosphere. , The restaurant makes discounts to students and foreigners and is frequented by young ones  and eager to party with dance music offered every evening.
La Vineria Reggio:
The small club from rustic look is a family run, and the cocktail hour fielding an extensive wine list to try in combination with snacks and food fingher. With good  prisez, the restaurant is open from 8.00 to 2.00 and closed on Sundays. You can have a glass of g
ood wine with € 1.50.
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