Christmas cakes: Panettone and Pandoro

Christmas indexis approaching and preparations for the Christmas dinner or lunch is important to every Italian family.

Typical cakes Panettone and Pandoro are Very important on Italian tables.

For Italians, the Cakes symbolize Christmas and this special day with out such cakes is like thanksgiving day with out Turkey.

The legend tells both were first made hundreds of years ago: Panettone in MilanPandoro_g

and Pandoro in Verona, but today you can not find a single Italian family, north to south, which does not end lunch or dinner festivities with these delicacies.

But what is the difference between Panettone and Pandoro?

The difference is mainly in the ingredients (in panettone there are more eggs and especially there are candied fruit and raisins) but also in the type of machining and rising time. Panettone is done strictly with the yeast base while the Pandoro can be maid also with the brewer’s yeast. Panettone must also rise for about 2-3 days while the Pandoro for 18 up to 36 hours.

Our Blogger: Rhodora