Something More About Rome

something more about rome

something more about rome

Almost two thousand years after its collapse as an Empire, Rome now lives under the shadow of a once powerful and prosperous nation. The beauty of the Spanish Steps with its little boat, massive amphitheatre called Coloseum, fine wall arts sparsed across the city’s Catholic santuaries, monuments, catacombs, religious abondance etc.

Not all, after roaming the fantastic sites in Rome, take your breath and try a pizza. At lunch, if you have more time go the Trastevere area and enjoy Roman food. This area is full of Trattorias, mainly offering service for locals. After a good lunch, espresso would be fantastic. The small and condensed coffee, rouses from sleep instantly. If not familiar with espresso, better not to take it before going to bed.

After meal you can also try gelato (icecream), cannoli and pastries. To name some of the best gelateria in Rome: Il Gelato di Claudio Torcè, Said, Cristalli di Zucchero, Vice Gelateria, Gelateria Grom, Gelateria San Crispino, Mondi,Gelateria del Teatro, Biscottificio Innocenti, Fatamorgana, Il Gelato di Claudio Torcè, Gelateria Bocca Di Dama.

Love shopping, visit the Via Del Corso street. You will find all the big brands. So expensive? Pass on to shopping malls like Porta di Roma, or take a cub and visit the Castello Romano Outlet where you will find best brands  for less pay. Non European residents have the option to get a refund of the VAT. Get forms from the store keepers and present the filled forms to the Customs office in the airport together with the items bought (tags not removed).

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