Not only Roman masterpieces: Rome is getting a landmark in Egyptian archaeology as well.
The museum affiliated to the Egyptian Academy of Rome will host from now – and for the next couple of years – a unique exhibition dedicated to Tutankhamon, the Pharaoh whose name recalls the world-renowned golden mask discovered in his own luxurious tomb at the beginning of 20° century by British archaeologists. The circumstances of his death remain mysterious till today, which contributes to his celebrity not only among historians and archaeologists.
About 30 pieces (official replicas of the original artefacts, preserved in Cairo’s museum) will be on display in Rome, including the iconic funerary mask, the golden sarcophagus and a war chariot.
In other words, a good chance to admire some of the most famous pieces of ancient Egypt without travelling so far.
Egyptian Academy is located within Villa Borghese, at few metro stops from Termini station: one more event you can easily enjoy if you book your nights at Hotel Des Artistes!tutankhamon-incesto-faraone-malformazione