Astonishment and admiration. Guided by these feelings visitors currently explore Palazzo della Cancelleria (few steps away from Campo de’ Fiori), which hosts an exhibition entirely dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci’s machineries .
”Leonardo – The genius and his inventions” presents about 50 full scale machines built up on the ground of Leonardo’s sketches and notes. From flying machines (conceived ages before the invention of modern parachute) to the bicycle and the hydraulic saw. Being the machines on show fully operational, visitors can touch them and they set them in motion: more than an exhibit, it’s a deep interactive experience for a true understanding of the genius of Leonardo da Vinci.
Kids will be particularly delighted!
Where: Piazza delle Cancelleria
Time: 7.30-14:00 / 16.00-20.00. Sunday closed.
Several bus lines connect Hotel Des Artistes with Campo de’ Fiori area!