A brand new lighting and air-conditioning system has been recently installed in the Sistine Chapel.
Such an intervention scores multiple goals at one time: to improve the frescoes’ visibility (the highest possible brightness and hues definition guaranteed), to optimize energy consumption and consequently to save money.
Each and every LED of the 7,000 just placed within the Chapel has been customized in terms of color shade and power on the ground of the specific piece of painting it is meant to enlighten. The Sistine Chapel will be like shining in its’s own light.
That’s not all: a special set of video cameras has been introduced to count the number of visitors within the Chapel and regulate its air condition accordingly: temperature will be constantly kept between 20 and 25 °C, and humidity between 50% and 60%.
Both paintings and public will benefit from all this.
The Sistine Chapel is located within the Vatican Museums: few stops away by metro (line A) from where Hotel Des Artistes is. Contact us for museum reservations and accommodation!