To end this year with a bang or to begin the new one in style, the current show at Gran Teatro in Rome will leave you astonished: on stage “Romeo & Juliet. Love and change the world”, a colossal musical production which already received appreciation by 9 million spectators around the globe.
The immortal story by Shakespeare has been transposed in music and words by French composer Gérard Presgurvic, translated in Italian by Vincenzo Incenzo (lyricist to some of the most famous Italian singers of the past 50 years) and directed by skilled Giuliano Peparini (who gained great fame with theatre works in France).
45 artists on stage, 30 dancers and acrobats wearing more than 200 customs by Frédéric Olivier, 55 people working on production, 550 m² for stage, backstage and storages: all contirbutes to a “Rome & Juliet” more enchanting than ever.
When: until 6 January 2015.
Tickets: from €24.
Ask Hotel Des Artistes for more info and directions!

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