Carnival in Rome gives the chance for a trip back to Renaissance and Baroque age. Celebrations of this yearly event in the Eternal City take visitors into colors, customs and atmospheres which were in vogue five hundred years ago: masquerades, horse parades and even fireworks have been set up in the style of an accuarate and joyful historical reenactment. This year many events will be specifically dedicated to Christina Queen of Sweden, who dwelled in Rome for many years after converting to Catholic religion. Rome owes a lot to her: she was arts and science lover, and used to sponsor several public events, including Carnival celebrations.
Of the several happenings all around the city center for one week, we wish to highlight two definitely attracting for either kids and adults. Both of them are planned for Tuesday 17 (Shrove Tuesday):
– at 4 pm: an impressive horse parade from Piazza del Popolo down to Piazza Venezia will invade via del Corso. Acrobats, musicians, Roman typical masks will march under an explosion of waving halberds, ancient flags and coats of arms;
– at 6 pm: Baroque fireworks from Pincio (the terrace facing on Piazza del Popolo from Villa Borghese). They are designed on the same patterns in use during the 16th and 17th centuries by Bernini and other great artists.
Beyond these, puppet shows will be there for kids at Piazza Navona, while theatre performances, conferences and private parties will be the adults’ entertainment: ask our staff at Hotel Des Artistes for the full programme!

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