Julius Caesar was killed on March 15th, the so called “Ides of March” in Latin: the event caused a dramatic change in history of the Roman Republic.
This Sunday special events are in programme at largo di Torre Argentina, where the murder took place: guided tours both in Italian and in English will allow people to better understand the ancient meaning of this archeological area now immersed into modern buildings and activities.
But that’s not all. A philologically faithful reenactment in three scenes will show what happened exactly that day in 44 BC:
1) Mark Antony, Cato, Cicero, senators and tribunes have a meeting at the Senate and at end of it they declare Caesar a public enemy of Rome;
2) Caesar arrives to the Curia and meets the haruspex Spurinna, who had warned him: “Caesar, beware the Ides of March”. It follows his assassination with twenty-three stab wounds;
3) Brutus and Mark Antony hold a funeral speech to honor Caesar at the Roman Forum (the speech is taken from Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”).
The 45 minutes long reenactment will be played twice: at 12pm and 15.30pm.
Guided tours will be starting every 40 minutes from 9:45am, with a break during the two reenactments.
The whole event is for free and you can easily reach it from Termini station with 10 minutes bus journey: ask our staff at Hotel Des Artistes for directions!

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