Besides still standing great monuments and fascinating ruins Rome hides here and there secret intriguing spots which reveal a different type of beauty, literally tricking your eyes and your perception of space. So try to include them in your to-do list and discover the city… from another point of view!
We begin today with some connected to the so called trompe l’oeil (= trick the eye): a French expression for an artistic technique which has best examples in Rome in fact.
In the courtyard of PALAZZO SPADA for instance (few steps away from Campo de’ Fiori and Piazza Farnese) you’ll see actual windows mingling with fake ones on the facade. But this trick is almost nothing compared to what you are going to discover in the garden. Here there’s a 500 years old gallery built with a rising floor and shrinking columns. This makes the gallery look from the outside more than four times its actual lenght and a tiny sculpture at the end look life sized. What basically happens is that if you start walking along the gallery you’ll need to bend more and more to get to its end, and surprisingly the closest you get to the statue the smallest it becomes: what at the entrance you thought to be small just because of the perspective is actually even smaller!
This trick is due to the work of artist Francesco Borrimini (hence it’s name: “Borromini’s perspective) aided by a mathematician.
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