Until July 26th Rome hosts a gigantic and “multi-venue” exhibition entirely focused on Baroque, the artistic style which still chracterizes most of the architectural features of the Eternal City.
The exhibition shows the evolution of Baroque art from its birth (first two decades of the Seventeenth century) to its highest peak, which gave the city a new shape.
More than an exhibit, Baroque in Rome is a huge cultural project including, beyond painting masterpieces collected from several museums in the world, also conferences, concerts, workshops for both kids and adults, thematic tours and many more satellite events around the city center. The following locations are involved:

  • Museum of Rome (Palazzo Braschi): exhibition; “baroque parties”
  • St. Yves at the Sapienza: thematic tour; exhibition
  • Oratorio dei Filippini: thematic tour
  • Palazzo Colonna: guided tour
  • Palazzo di Propaganda Fide: thematic tour
  • Vatican Museums, Apostolic Palace and St. Peter’s basilica: a special itinerary about Bernini & the Vatican
  • Doria Pamphilj Gallery: thematic tour
  • Capitoline Museums: itinerary across the baroque masterpieces in the
  • National Gallery of Ancient Art (Palazzo Barberini): itinerary
  • Academy of Fine Arts: conference
  • Castel Sant’Angelo: thematic exhibition on the baroque fireworks
  • Fondazione Roma Museo – Palazzo Sciarra: conferences

Each of these place is located in the heart of Rome: ask our staff at Hotel Des Artistes about directions!

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