The old, charming lady is turning 2768 next week: following the tradition, indeed, April 21st marks the anniversary of the foundation of the Eternal City by Romulus in 753 BC. After Roman age, when the city foundation was regularly celebrated with a ceremony called Palilia, its occurring in modern time dates back to 1870. The choice fell on this day on the ground of Marcus Terentius Varro’s studies, an historian of the 1st century BC.
Celebrations this year will take place far beyond the birth day itself, and will include a number of public events. All for free. Major performances will be offered by the great Gruppo Storico Romano, an association which for 20 years has been accurately looking after historical reenactments in the shape of plays, battles, dance.
Everything will start on April 19th, when a parade of 2,000 costumed Romans will reach Circo Massimo (namesake stop on metro line B) at 11am, after the previous fire-lighting ceremony fixed still there at 10.00am.
The peak of celebrations will be on April 21st, though, against Circo Massimo’s backdrop once again: at 4pm the Tracciato del solco will be performed, i.e. the trench-digging ritual by which Romulus founded the city according to legend.
But that’s not all. Mayor Ignazio Marino promised a couple of surprises, such as the brand new lighting design of some parts of the Forum by Oscar winning director of photography Vittorio Storaro and, last but not least, an event to be enjoyed with augmented reality glasses
Hotel Des Artistes will be glad to provide with more info on venues and events on the occasion of Rome’s birthday!

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