A 2,000 years old tradition will occurr in few days in Rome: on Sunday 24th May, 2015, red rose petals will be let fall down from the oculus of the Pantheon as part of the religious celebrations of the Pentecoste feast. The thousands of fluttering petals thrown from the ouside into the world-renowned top hole of the Pantheon’s ceiling symbolise the Holy Spirit descending on Earth. This is precisely what on Pentecoste is celebrated, that is to say the spread of the Holy Spirit bestowed by Christ’s resurrection, and the foundation of the Christian Church. Red roses symbolise indeed also Jesus Christ’s blood. Pentecoste falls on the 50th day after Easter, that is why it is a mobile feast as well.
This rite, which is part of the mass that will be performed from 10.30 am, has its root in the times of the early Christian community, when the Pantheon – originally a pagan temple – was converted into the present Church of Santa Maria dei Martiri.
The Pantheon can be easily reached by bus from Termini Station: ask our staff at Hotel Des Artistes for more details!

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