Holidays in Rome

Ten reasons why visit Rome

Even if there are a lot of other reasons as to why visit Rome, I will mention just the major ones.

1 Artmichelangelo pieta

Masterpieces, architecture, sculpture or paintings of famous artists like Michelangelo, Bernini, Nicola Salvi, Bramante, Sangallo, Maderno are present in Rome. Rome has good museums like Villa Borghese Gallery, Museum of Contemporary Art (MACRO), Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, National Roman Museum, Capitoline Museums and Maxxi National Museum are some of the famous ones.

trevifountain2 Architecture

Of all the 45 UNESCO heritage sites in Italy, Rome houses 12.  Pantheon, Coloseum, St Peter’s Square, Navona Square, Spanish Steps etcetera are some.

 3 Shopping

 Shopping in Rome depends where you do it. Garments in Via del Corso cost more than those in malls or stalls. As for stalls don’t hesitate buying a jeans for 10 euro or less it is a good buy.

4 Winevino

Worldwide wine sellers are present in this city. But to enjoy the true Roman wines go to Enoteca (wine shops) and sip wine with porchetta (roasted pig).

5 History

Monuments, squares, roads, museums, Roman Catholic Basilicas, catacombs, Synagogue and more contain interesting history and architecture.

carbonara6 Food

Every region in Italy has its own traditional food. It is always better to try the local food. In Rome you can try some like baccalà (dried salt-cured cod), carciofi ( artichoke), spaghetti alla carbonara (pasta with a dressing made of eggs, small pieces of bacon and Pecorino cheese), bucatini all’amatriciana (tube-shaped pasta with tomatoes, diced salt pork, onions, red chilli pepper and white wine).


7 Culture

People come to this city for tourism, politics, business, religion, work, emigration etc. Spending a day in different parts of  Rome is nice. For example, the lovely Jewish Ghetto located near the Capitol Hill, Pigneto and Vittoria Emmanuele quarters inhabited by many migrants or Trastevere still dominated by Romans.

maserati8 Automotion

Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini are best Made in Italy brands. Of course Rome is not home to any car company but showrooms to many more cars are available.

9 Budget Accommodation

Hotels or hostels are all year round available in Rome but it is advisable to book months before one gets here, the longer the booking date the lesser cost.

10 Religionreligion

Vatican City -the political and religious center of the Roman Catholic- is believed to be situated on Apostle Peter’s burial place. The Vatican City is one of the most interesting places to visit.


For more info, contact: Ph +39 064454365

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Catacombs in Rome

Inside A Catacomb

Catacombs are believed to have been used as burial chambers, worship area and refuge by persecuted Christians/Jews starting from the second century A.D. Jewish catacombs, discovered in 1918, make part of the belowground graves enriched by frescoes.

The Catacombs in Rome cover many kilometers and some are four storeys below ground zero. They contain slots carved into walls, carvings, passageways, worship halls and/or frescoes. Paintings found in this below ground complex narrate biblical stories of both old and new testaments or simply religious symbols.

Catacombs of Domitilla, for example, spread over 15 kilometers of underground caves and are Rome’s oldest underground burial complex still containing bones.

Some of the catacombs in Rome are: Marcellinus and Peter, Commodilla, Generosa, Praetextatus, Priscilla, San Callisto, San Lorenzo, San Pancrazio, San Sebastiano, San Valentino, Sant’Agnese, Jewish and so on.

To visit the San Callisto, the most famous of all catacombs, take bus 218 from San Giovanni Metro A.

For the Jewish Catacomb, get off at Metro B Policlinico and walk to Villa Torlonia.

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Eco Move Rent: Rome on the go for those who want more


There are vacations and then you have experiences. A vacaction is a little time off where you get to relax and maybe see some new places. Doesn’t sound bad, but for some is not enough: some people want to really experience the places they visit and live their time there as an exciting opportunity to see life with different eyes and to live things the way other people do.

An excellent option for those who want to live Rome to its fullest is to rent a scooter and explore the city in the legendary “Roman Holidays” fashion: you go where you want to go, when you want to, and you get a unique view of all the breath-taking marvels you can find in the Eternal City.
Near the Termini Station and just a couple of blocks away from Hotel Des Artistes you can find the guys of Eco Move Rent. When it comes to visiting Rome in two or four wheels, they have all your needs covered: they have bikes, and vintage and modern scooters. You can rent all these transportation options and they even organize tours where a guide shows you around in these legendary vehicles. They have also a tour on a Cinquecento, the tiny Italian car that is a symbol of the roaring Rome of La Dolce Vita.
You can contact Eco Move rent at their premises in Via Varese 48/50 and also by telephone (+39 06.44704518)or using their website. If want you want is to not only “visit” but live the city, then this is an experience you just can’t miss.

International tennis coming to Rome for the 69th edition

 ATP World Tours Masters 1000, Internazionali BNL d’Italia 2012,  to be contested at Foro Italico starting 12th of May for eight consecutive days.  In this tournament, top stand is worth euro 2,427,975.  Internationally recognised players do not simply pop-up over a night indeed, but gift, hardwork, determination,  professionalism and experience is what makes them popular and most paid. The honour is worth it.

Attention of the media and fans is inclined towards most known athletes. Fans long to watch favorites play, take a photo or perhaps a signature.

Victoria AzarenkaAccording to recent ATP ranking, women’s best start are Victoria Azarenka (Belorussia),  Maria Sharapova (Russia) and Petra Kvitova (Czech Republic) with 8980, 7680 and 7095 points consecutively.

Top seed, Victoria Azarenka,  is in Rome after securing the Qatar Total and Australian Open.

Last year, Novak Djokovic won a record five ATP Masters Series 1000 titles: Indian Wells, Miami and Canada, played on hard courts, and Madrid and Rome, on clay. Novak Djokovic is netting ten million U.S. dollars a year compiling a 43-match winning streak until his defeat in the French Open semifinals in May. He is currently ATP number one player with 13,310 points followed by Rafael Nadal (10,415) and Roger Federer (8,710).

 Novak Djokovic is also landing in Rome winning the Australian Open  in February.Novak Djokovic

For more in depth information on results, players, tickets, courts and more visit this site:

Tennis in Rome is not mere professional players, games, media, presentations, sponsors, photos and autographs. The event is an interact of all minor things that insert aroma to the whole experience: dolce vita , fashion, history, religion, accommodation, pizza and pasta.

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Easter in Italy

Our Blogger: Rhodora

-Rhodora has prepared for you a list with everything you must have on your table to celebrate the perfect Italian easter.

0871_jesus_resurrection_christian_clipartThe Christian Easter is preceded by a period of penitence called Lent, which lasts 40 days.

In the last few days before Easter Sunday, in Italy, as in many Catholic countries, you will find different religious rites the evoke the Passion of Christ.
On the night of Friday, the streets are lit by torches and are crossed by crowded processions. Sometimes penitents are barefoot or in chains to make it more difficult and tiring journeys of redemption.

In the last few days before Easter Sunday, in Italy, as in many Catholic countries, you will find different religious rites the evoke the Passion of Christ.

Food is a central element. Italians love to meet on Sunday Easter to enjoy a good meal together. The food changes from region to region but  you might find  dishes common to everbody.

Here are the main ones:
uova-sode-colorate [640x480]1. Easter breakfast
The families of the central regions of Italy usually prepare a basket for the Easter breakfast. This basket contains a Easter capocollo, white wine and boiled eggs decorated with different colours by children. During Saturday before Easter, Italian used to go to  church for the basket blessing, according to a Catholic rite.

2. Bread and cakes
Under the period of Easter bread is enriched. There are several examples of Easter breads and cakes. The ingredients that are mostly used in all of them are cheese, bacon, olives, eggs and butter.

4. Lamb
As in many other Christian countries, the lamb is an important symbol of Easter and is the main dish for Easter dinner. One of the most famous specialties is the roast leg of lamb.

colomba6. The Easter Dove This is the largest dessert in Easter and the most common gift that you can receive when you decide to invite someone over to Easter dinner. This is a cake shaped like a dove, covered with sugar and almonds.

7. Easter Eggs Italian children can’t wait to eat some chocolate eggs and discover the surprise inside of them!

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Christmas at the Auditorium!

Our blogger: Wanda


The Auditorium Parco della Musica will be also an active protagonist of this Christmas 2009. To depart next Saturday and up to the day of the Epiphany, games, shows, concerts, gastronomy, open markets and shows they will be protagonists of the Christmas Auditorium 2009.

There is it is also for the children of it with the marionettes of the “Betrayals and fidelity” of Mimmo Cuticchio, but also the nativity, the manger and the puppets of the festival “Her Hands.”

There will be some Christmas songs, a Gospel Festival, ice skating and the market of the Caravanserai.

The schedule is the following:


From Monday to Thursday the opening time is from 14 to  21:00.v from 2 pm to 24, the Saturday from the hours 10 to 02 and the Sunday from the hours 10 to 24.

On December 24 from the hours 10 to 18; from December 21st 2009 to January 6 2010: every day from the hours 09 to 24. Saturday from the hours 09 to 02; 31 December from 09 to 01

Besides, during December the best choral formations of gospel and spiritual of the United States will bring their powerful spirituality to add a different touch to the Christmas in Rome.


Domenica  20/12/2009  Sala Sinopoli ore 21
Harlem Gospel Choir
Lunedì  21/12/2009  Sala Sinopoli ore 21
Lemmie Battles & Virginia Mass Choir
Martedì  22/12/2009  Sala Sinopoli ore 21
Craig Adams & The Voices of New Orleans
Mercoledì  23/12/2009  Sala Sinopoli ore 21
The Anointed Pace Sister
Venerdì  25/12/2009  Sala Sinopoli ore 18
Voices of Deliverance
Sabato  26/12/2009  Sala Sinopoli ore 21
J.J. Hairston & Youthful Praise
Domenica  27/12/2009  Sala Sinopoli ore 21
Cedric Ford & Heart of Worship
Lunedì  28/12/2009  Sala Sinopoli ore 21
Nicole Slack Jones & The Soul Sisters
Martedì  29/12/2009  Sala Sinopoli ore 21
Oscar Williams & Perfected Praise
Mercoledì  30/12/2009  Sala Sinopoli ore 21
Robin Brown and Triumphant Delegation
Giovedì  31/12/2009  Sala Santa Cecilia ore 22
Rev. Jessy Dixon & The Chicago Gosple Singers
Con brindisi di mezzanotte

The Caravanserai Market
Exhibition of jewels and accessories , sculptures, clothing for woman, man and children, glasses and objects of furnishings, pictures and carpets, toys and different desserts.

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100 Nativity scenes in Rome

Our Blogger: Wanda

100presepi2From half of November, the road is all in descent toward one of the most important festivities: Christmas, and one of the most Italian traditions during this season is that of the Nativity scenes.

If you take a walk for the historical center remember that on Piazza del Popolo you will find a very interesting exhibition of 100 scenes of nativity.

Every year Rome celebrates Christmas with this national exhibition, that this year will take place from November 23 rd 2009 to January 6 th 2010 on the Bramante Room. it has on display Nativity scenes coming from most Italian regions and from various foreign Countries of Europe, of Africa, of Latin America and of Asia: works of artists and Italian artisans and foreigners, that belong to museums and private or corporative collections, or to cultural associations.


Within the Show is also realized this year the Workshop “Playing with the Nativity scene” .The entrance ticket to the exhibition gives you the right to participate in the Laboratory (previous booking); children from 4 to 11 years can build characters of the Nativity scene,  under the supervision of specialized staff. Every child will be allowed to keep his creations.

Sala del Bramante – via G. D’Annunzio (Piazza del Popolo)
Ingresso: tutti i giorni dalle 9:30 alle 20:00
Per informazioni: 06-85357191/06-8542355        

Tickets:                                                                                                   Weekdays: full € 4,50, discounted € 3,50
Holydays and pre-holidays: full € 5,00, discounted € 4,00

Piazza del popolo is only a 15 min. subway trip away from Yes Hotel and Hotel Des Artistes! We’re waiting for you to have a wonderful Christmas…!!!